We had just purchased our miniature Dachshund puppy from a very reputible breeder.
He is such a great puppy and very well behaved but; unfortunately we are learning that our infant daughter is allergic. So we are needing to find him a good home right away! He has had his first 2 sets of shots (next shots are due in 3 weeks) and the kennel cough vaccine. We had payed the breeder $1,250 a few weeks ago for him but; due to our situation of needed to find him a good home ASAP we are selling him for $900 + delivery if needed. This is a steal of a deal for this beautiful puppy from such a great breeder. He is very well crate trained and we have already started working on house breaking. He is good about going to the bathroom outside now and never messes in the house but; occasionally will use his pee pad in his crate as his bladder is still so small for him to hold it all night. GREAT addition to any home!